Moose tube failed – no more flats?

Correction the moose did not fail but the bead could not hold the moose in creating an undrivable situation.

So I have been thinking about a replacement for tubes to avoid flats. riding in new england is a lot of changing terrain. Rocks roots, stumps sand soft dirt hard dirt.. you name it.

Some of my riding buds use tubliss and love it.. some not so much.

Some are looking at bib moose foam inserts.. flat proof…

well i guess this technically is not a flat but ruined the guys day of riding nonetheless.

The foam insert blew off the bead of the tire and locked up the wheel.

Tubliss may be an interesting alternative.

This solution creates a beadlock inside the tire that seals the air in the tire so no tube is required. the main failing point is if the tire is punctured. then a tire repair kit will be required to repair the tire which can be done on the trail.

Amazon typically has a great price on this product!

Comment below if you have an opinion on which you like better and why.

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